Education professionals — regular educators, special educators, paraprofessionals, and related service providers — are central to the task of delivering high-quality education that leads to improved learning results for students. In the design phase, we received input from educators regarding the important questions SEELS was to address. As such, the educator perspective is extremely important in SEELS.

Through three school-based surveys, educators provide essential information about classrooms, curricula, instructional practices, technology use, assessment, accommodations, behavior, and achievement. We would like to especially thank the thousands of teachers and principals who responded to surveys during our data collection years.

There are literally thousands of variables from various sources in SEELS. We are providing different ways of accessing information. The parent interview information is available currently in the form of briefs and reports, which are available for download on the Info and Reports page. Other user-driven comparisons can be found on the Data Tables page.

We also welcome your thoughts about how to improve SEELS, reactions to findings, and any other information you would like to provide.

Last Updated 07/07